Vlone Accessories

It’s time to follow the path of the band boys. To demonstrate the best love for someone, one must have their essentials. Masks, pendants, and chains from Vlone are of the highest quality. These essentials have marvelous V-logos printed in a variety of styles to reflect the best colors of the world.

Vlone Accessories Features

Assurance of quality

All of our products have been double-checked by the Quality approval department, so you shouldn’t have any complaints regarding fabric strength, faded necklaces or pendants, or any skin allergies. Our products are authenticated by our quality standards.


With our unique colors of nature, you will love wearing them. As a result, this podium got the clear advantage of receiving the required schemes from our valued customers.


Vlone accessories give you the epic class & make sure each of our minor products is authentic. When it comes to real products, you can’t go wrong with Vlone.

Bright and shiny

It has a huge framework on all front and back surfaces. From pendants to making, manufacturers put a lot of effort and care into giving the pendants a brilliant shine.

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